The Words From Within

The following are lyrics from my heart, mind and soul - Inspired by the life that lives it's self around me and in me. By my loves, my hates, my utter disdains and my most treasured. By my wife, my kids, my family and my friends. By God and His love for me and what must also be his frustration with me. It's everything I touch and everything I see. It's everything underneath the surface and everything above. Read with caution and with understanding that this may be raw and messy just like life.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What You See

It's through the looking glass again
That's how it's always been
The way you looked at me
Another day goes quickly by
You think it's black and white
But really all you see is grey

It was a mystery to me
How you couldn't see
The truth that was inside
But then I saw that you were blind
Believing in your lie
To make your own reality

And what you think you see in me(And what you see in me)
Is what you see in you(Is what you see in you)

You try and read between the lines
To get into our minds
There's nothing more than meets the eye
We wear our hearts out on our sleeve
And we are told to leave
Mourning in out ashes

I wonder if it was pretend
That you were once my friend
And there was freedom in the Grace
Could you so quickly forget
The love when we first met
And cannot look upon my face

And what you think you see in me(And what you see in me)
Is what you want to see(Is what you wanna see)

And I can't say goodbye
Here I come to die
This is not the end
Parting here, my friend

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Money and The Mutiny

There's mutiny on this ship
And so here's to jumping
Jumping to a river that
Can't promise anything better
It's like a prostitute
And her revealing clothes
It's all about the money
And I've laid the money down
Yeah I've laid my money down
To see what's behind
loosely locked doors
She'd loose it all for a dime
But I dump it out like liquid through my hands

Yeah and I jump
Cause it's not about what's best
It's about what's better

Here we go
Crashing through doors
Doors like a woman
Who's let too many in
But can't stop cause she loves sin
And it's easy you know
It's easy to get lost in all of this
Yeah I hate it
But I love sin
And so sinkings easy
It's the drowning that's hard

And let me awake
Awake like a baby who's seen it's mother for the first time
O how Glorious!
How wonderful it is
To look into that lovely face
It's the face that makes angels sing
It's the face of the redeemed
And it's not because of anything I have done
It's who I've come to see -
That makes me redeemed
From this horrible mutiny that wages it's war in me